This company, created by Christophe Hutteau, holder of a players' agent license provides a service for professional football players, players in training, trainers in French and foreign clubs.

By working with Christophe HUTTEAU you are sure to benefit from:


  • a high quality service for the management of your sporting career

  • unique services at special price regarding all matters off the field


Christophe HUTTEAU is different from any other agent thanks to this unique added value in terms of assistance off the field (management of the image and the advertising contracts, inheritance management, tax optimization, daily logistic and administrative assistance  ...). It is a unique service that no other agent currently offers on the market.



Close to the players it represents, CH Conseil et Management offers its services and expertise to help develop the career of the professional players and trainers:

  • Managing the image, communication and the advertising contracts of the player

  • Introducing the players to potential sponsors

  • Providing legal, financial and inheritance management assistance to the player

  • Providing administrative and logistical assistance, setting up any personal project

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